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Exhaust Fans & Instant Heat

150mm Ceiling/Wall Exhaust Fans


Exhaust fans whisk away steam and odours to keep your rooms feeling fresh. Ideal for large bathrooms, kitchens and laundries with a strong air extraction. Helps prevent build up of mould, mildew and fogging mirrors with greater resistance to high temperatures and quieter operation.

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150mm Ceiling/Wall Exhaust Fans

  • Supply voltage: 230-240V a.c. 50Hz
  • Power rating: 24W
  • Wall/Ceiling cut-out size:  160mm
  • IP rating: IP44 (EF150SQWE; EFS150SQWE); IP24 (EF150RDWE; EFS150SQSWE; EF150SQSWE)
  • Duct requirement:  150mm
  • Draft stopper: PET Sheet; Draft stopper: Auto-shutter (Wax solenoid) for EFS150SQWE
  • Fascia size: 212x212mm
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Fascia thickness: 43mm (EF150SQWE; EFS150SQWE); 24mm (EF150RDWE; EFS150SQSWE; EF150SQSW)
  • Max airflow: 218m³/hr (EF150SQWE); 218m³/hr (EFS150SQWE); 309m³/hr (EF150RDWE; EFS150SQSWE; EF150SQSW)

Product Variations

Slimline round


Square with auto shutters

Slimline square

Slimline square with auto shutters

Slimline square with auto shutters rear view


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