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12V Garden Light Transformers


When installing 12V garden lights, a transformer is required to reduce the 240V mains voltage to the extra low voltage (12V) used by HPM D.I.Y. garden lights. Transformer selection is simple – just add up the total wattage of the garden lights in your installation and choose the next highest rating for your transformer. For example, 10W light + 20W light + 10W light + 10W light = 50W. So for this scenario, you will need to use a transformer with a minimum rating of 60W .

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12V Garden Light Transformers

  • Nominal voltage: 12V a.c.
  • Maximum load: 60VA - 400VA models
  • Degree of protection (IP): IP56

Product Variations

12V Garden Light Transformer - 60W

12V Garden Light Transformer - 105W

12V Garden Light Transformer - 150W

12V Garden Light Transformer - 220W


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